Management, Development, Finance & Production



Instinct represents a number of writers and directors who share a goal to tell stories that enagage with on an international audience.  The clients include – Dean Murphy, R.B. Taylor, Sandra Sciberras.


Instinct both develops projects from concept as well as getting involved in projects at more advanced stages of development.  It has a particular interest in international co-productions.  Given the companies busy development and production slate it is only able to look at new projects that have some of the key elements in place including experienced director, internationally viable cast and a viable finance plan.


Instinct has access to private and Australian State and Federal Government financing and relationships with various lenders to provide production finance secured against the value of the 40% Australian Producers Offset.


Instinct and its management team have been involved in the successful production of over a dozen feature films shot in diverse locations including the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Asia and throughout Australia.  It has worked in a range of genres and budget levels and has combined casts and crews from very different film making traditions.