The current rapid pace of change in the way people communicate with each other is proving extremely challenging for various industries but is also providing unique opportunities to those companies willing to embrace the power of emerging strategies that combine traditional and new media methodologies for building brand value, improving the value chain and increasing revenue streams.

Following on from the experiences of the Music, Publishing, Games, Film and Television industries other industries now need to incorporate multi-media strategies in how they communicate with their customers, stakeholders, governments, the media and their workforce to maximise the potential to gain a competitive advantage.

Using the combined experiences of its team, gained over 20 years in various sectors of the media industry, Instinct Entertainment can put together various strategies that combine Traditional and New Media to improve the way a company or brand is viewed and hence increase the value of that company or Brand.

-      Instinct has experience in structuring financing and marketing of media projects that incorporate International Banking, Government Grants, Commercial Requirements and the need to communicate their message effectively and efficiently in a very crowded marketplace;

-      Instinct can help craft a communication strategy for companies whose growth is dependent of the quality of its presentation. This could include internally, to current or new investors and lenders or to secure government grants or other support;

-      Instinct can create the various materials necessary to put these strategies into practice.

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