Ralph Moser

Ralph Moser has worked in the film industry for almost 17 years after he began his career while studying fine art at the Phillip’s Institute of Technology. He has designed feature films, television series for major networks, large budget television commercials, music videos, and has successfully undertaken major commercial interior and high-concept industrial design projects.

He has now completed his first film as a director, Little Johnny the Movie.  On this movie he has been able to combine his rich knowledge of film technique and history with his extraordinary design, Visual FX, and animation experience.  As well as directing he is also a writer on the movie as well as designing all characters, backgrounds and props as well as creating all story boards and overseeing the animatics for the movie.

His Production Design credits include the Hong Kong/Australian coproduction, The Sword of Bushido, Under the Gun (a.k.a. Ironfist), Rainbow’s End , Four Jacks, Let’s Get Skase, Till Human Voices Wake Us and Strange Bedfellows.

On Russell Mulcahy’s remake of On the Beach his work as assistant designer for the Submarine unit, helped garner the team a ‘Best set design AFI award’ for the Los Angeles class submarine set featured in the series.

To further his experience and hone his skills, Ralph has also designed cutting edge TV commercials such as the Reflex paper, ‘Human pinball’ campaign, has been involved in designing specialised sets for television shows such as ‘Pigs Breakfast’ and has conceptualised projects such as the ACTF, ‘Legacy Of The Silver Shadow’ and the highly successful, ‘Round The Twist’ series.

Ralph has also worked as industrial designer for Myretsu Technology Integration Group developing futuristic casings for advanced automation and communications equipment and exotic technologies. He then worked with Instinct Entertainment to design Strange Bedfellows for which he transformed Dean Street in the rural city of Albury into Sydney’s colourful Oxford Street.

Ralph was then appointed as Production Illustrator and featured artist for the TNT-TV produced Stephen King anthology Series, ‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’ storyboarding and conceptualising every episode to provide continuity and to capture King’s terrifying vision. Shortly after Ralph joined Designer K.K. Barrett and renowned film director Spike Jones as concept artist for the adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s children’s book classic, Where the Wild Things Are.

Ralph has since joined Instinct Entertainment, developing projects and collaborating on the current slate of motion pictures. He most recently worked as Visual Effects supervisor on Torn and Salute.

An avid researcher and devoted to his passion for film history, Ralph Moser has acquired the knowledge and technical expertise to convey the language of motion pictures in accurate conceptualisations, storyboards and technical drawings to realise the vision from page to screen. Always budget conscious without sacrificing scope, Ralph’s strong design philosophy, love for the craft and ability to convey the written word into tangible reality make him one of the leading practitioners of his field in Australia today.