Dean Murphy

Dean Murphy made his first short film, Yes Mom! at the age of fourteen. He followed this by directing two low budget documentaries, after which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in his first feature film Just Cruising and then wrote, produced and directed a sitcom pilot for the Nine Network

Two years later, Dean set out to produce and direct Lex and Rory which was released on over 40 prints nationwide. Dean was also responsible for the distribution and marketing of the film.

In 1995, Dean moved to the US to work with George Folsey Jr., the producer of such films as An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places and Coming To America. While there, Dean worked closely with George in script editing, budgeting, and financing several productions. Furthermore, working with George, who was the Head of Physical Production at MGM Studios, gave Dean experience at a Hollywood studio.

In 1998, Dean returned to Australia to direct the feature Muggers. Since then he has worked at Instinct Entertainment where his producing credits include Charlie & Boots, TORN, Salute, Till Human Voices Wake Us  and Strange Bedfellows.  Dean co-wrote and directed Charlie & Boots and Strange Bedfellows.

He is actively involved in the production and development of a number of film and television projects including Strange Bedfellows: A New Musical and Little Johnny the Movie.